Book Review: Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream

According to author Dave McGowan’s research:

  1. Many of the top groups that kicked off the Hippie Generation had parents who were in the CIA or its predecessor, OSS (Frank Zappa, Steven Stills, etc), or were rich blue bloods (David Crosby). Jim Morrison’s father was The Admiral in charge of The US Fleet at Bay of Tonkin, which has come under review as a ‘false flag’ event that kicked off the Vietnam War.
  2. These groups were assembled in Laurel Canyon, California of all places with musicians coming from all over the world, including England and Canada (Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, etc).
  3. Laurel Canyon also happened to house a CIA communications facility where the agency had been filming propaganda shorts with Hollywood actors for years.
  4. Some of the musicians notoriously couldn’t even play their instruments well — for example the players in the Byrds.
  5. The groups and the movement were introduced to the bars of the Sunset Strip, where a Greek dance troupe was enlisted to bring in crowds and introduce the world to hippie fashion.
  6. Then the whole scene was transported up to San Francisco.

McGowan hints that extrapolating all of that might mean the entire Hippie Generation may have been an operation by the Military Industrial Complex to usurp and discredit the anti-war movement — build it up and blow it up — culminating in the Manson murders and the shootings at the Altamont Pop Festival, which came within weeks of each other and gave Hippies a bad reputation.

It sounds “far out”: Frank Zappa, John Phillips, Steven Stills, David Crosby, Jim Morrison — all part of the CIA operation. The entire Hippie movement fabricated — created in an unlikely place — Laurel Canyon in the woods outside of LA. The song “If You’re Going to San Francisco” by Scott McKenzie a pied piper tune that caused thousand of youth to migrate to San Francisco and start the Haight Ashbury scene.
MKUltra, mind control, famous musicians being ‘suicided’, the creation and distribution of LSD on purpose (Timothy Leary possibly a CIA operative as well as Andy Warhol)…
It is “far out” in the true Hippie meaning of the word — providing for fascinating thought. Trippy. Crazy man.

Here is a skinny on all of that — an interview with author Dave McGowan:

Here are excepts from the book:

The book is available on Amazon:

Here’s another interesting interview with McGowan:

Also interesting is to listen to Jay Dyer’s review of the book — Jay wrote “Esoteric Hollywood” which looks at Hollywood as a propaganda engine.


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