Album Review: MaryAnne Marino “Ghost of You”

MaryAnne Marino’s first album, Ghost of You, is one of the best debut albums of 2006, available on in August, 2006, and iTunes in October, 2006. [Editor’s note: we have posted a story on MaryAnne Marino, here.]

Around about 1993, Don Henley stated that his young (and then unknown) backup singer was one of the best female voices in the music industry. That backup singer was Sheryl Crow. Henley could easily make the same statement about Marino in 2006, if she was singing with him. She is in the fist full of top-echelon female voices, in the same company as Sarah McLaughlin, Sheryl Crow, Aimee Mann, and the like; the only difference being noone knows who she is yet.

Her smooth, melodic, and powerful voice rings true on this album, as do her compositions. It’s all new material, and it’s all very good. Conversation is one of the best new songs I heard in 2005 — or 2006; an acoustic ballad. For One Moment and Ghost of You have a distinct U2 feel — imagine U2 with a female vocal. Other favorites are Solitaire, Subway, Goodbye My Love (can be heard on her myspace page), and It’s Great.

Song by Song

For One Moment – good song. Love the U2-esque feel to it.

Turn it Around – Marino shows off the power of her voice on an upbeat song.

Goodbye My Love – This should be a single. Someone I know described Marino’s voice as mellifluous. Her voice sounds mellifluous on this song.

Solitaire – One of the best songs on the album. Should be a single. Good lyrics, good tune, and Marino’s voice all come to the fore. From the intro of an old phonograph switching on and Marino’s voice coming through tin-ny 1930’s speakers, followed by full-volume sound, and working up to the crescendo of her belting out ‘Time’. Add this to the handful of great songs that feature the word ‘Time’ in them (see Time Has Come Today by the Chambers Brothers and Time by Pink Floyd).

It’s Great – Another great song — songs 3-5 are a sweet spot of the album. Her voice sounds great on a great, great song. It’s just great. It’s great, it’s great, it’s great, it’s great..

Dear Mom and Dad – good song. My daughter loves this song. I’m thinking maybe she identifies with it. She’s 11 years old. She keeps pushing to go to the corner store with her friends, unchaperoned.

If Only – pretty good song. A changeup.

Ghost of You – Title track. More U2-esque feel. Good song; a tad too polished for my taste. (Song #8 is listed as Subway on the liner notes on the website.)

Subway – Another one of my favorite songs on the album. I love when someone writes about the subway. She’s a New York girl for sure.

Open Your Eyes – Another good song. Nice imagery. Hey, is the Paul Bryan playing Chamberlain the very same Paul Bryan that is Aimee Mann’s bass player/rhythm guitarist/backup vocal?

Conversation – WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SONG. Love the accordion on this song and the acoustic guitar work. One of my favorite new songs of 2005. Or 2006.

Overall a terrific album; beautiful voice; really nice compositions. You can listen over and over again (and I have!). The cream of the album are songs 3 through 5 (Goodbye My LoveSolitaireIt’s Great) and 9 through 11 (SubwayOpen Your Eyes, and Conversation).


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