Book Review: “Charles Manson, The CIA and MK-Ultra” by Tom O’Neill

Tom O’Neill started research on the Charles Manson murders as a two-week magazine story — and it turned into a 20-year search for truth, detailed in a book, “Charles Manson, The CIA and MK-Ultra” published in 2019. From his research, strong speculation arises that Manson was a creation of the CIA MK-Ultra mind control program, with possible goal to denigrate the anti-war Hippie movement.

Better than a review of this book is to watch this fascinating interview by Shaun Attwood of Tom O’Neill about his book:

Here is part 2 of this fascinating interview:

The Joe Rogan Interview

O’Neill was interviewed by Joe Rogan before Shaun Attwood interviewed him, but that video was taken off youtube. Another youtube poster has posted a part of the interview, here:


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