Best Storytelling on Youtube for War History

The best youtube channels for war history storytelling are:


Montemayor does a wonderful job with the very basic graphical concept of using arrows and simple rectangles to show ship movements. His channel is here:

And here is an example video — start here at the 1 minute, 20 second mark to see his very simple but effective use of graphics:

Mark Felton Productions

Mark Felton Productions puts out some of the most entertaining war history videos on the internet. Mark Felton comes to the youtube game after many years of publishing World War II history books — publishing 20 such books between 2005 and 2015, before launching his youtube channel which he started in 2017.

His videos are here:

Here is an example video of Mark’s, where he does a wonderful job telling the story of a 45-minute air battle 6 miles up in the sky (45,000 feet) during World War II — between a Russian prince in a Supermarine Spitfire Mark IX and German bomber pilot in a Junkers Ju86:

Drachinifel — 5-Minute Guide to Warships, WW I and WW II

In typical British understated humor, Drachinifel’s 5-minute guides to warships typically go for 45 minutes to an hour. He tells his stories with a very dry British humor– and at times if you are doing something else while listening, he can come across as boring, as he drones on and on — but if you stop and watch his videos, you will quickly get into them and he is almost guaranteed to be quite entertaining and funny. And informative. Great storytelling.

His videos are here:

Here is quintessential Drachinifel — a 5-minute story — give or take 45 minutes — funny with sad ending about the Russian World War I battleship “The Kamchatka”. Guaranteed to make you laugh, if even a little bit:

Mark Garrison’s Stories As a Helicopter Pilot in Vietnam

Mark Garrison’s first-person stories of being a Helicopter pilot in Vietnam are riveting. Don’t go through this life without listening to them.

Start with this one:

That’s it for now — as we come across other youtube channels that do a good job of war storytelling, we’ll post here. So check back every few months or so.

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