Jersey City Overview from Above — by Rich Sheppard, Mr. Jersey City

An overview of Jersey City, New Jersey, by Rich Sheppard — from several years ago:

Rich Sheppard = the greatest evangelist Jersey City, New Jersey has ever had.

Rich unexpectedly passed away on Thursday, October 15, 2020. I had just seen him on Sept 11, 2020 at the World Trade Center site — he was happy, looked great and in shape, and was energetically talking about his work on a project that traced storefronts of Jersey City back thru time — he was using phone books as his reference material — tracking what store was at what address back through time. A woman stopped us and told Rich she loved his hat.

Learning of his passing is devastating and crushing.

We love you Rich. As I always told you, you were one of the best writers — if not the best — we’ve ever read; but also what a fun guy to be around. Incredible smarts and knowledge and passion and energy, and a heart as big as the globe.






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